October 22, 2010

Copic Markers

Paper Niche just got in all the colors from Copic Markers, and I just had to take some home to play with. Sooooo.... ta da.... Here is my very first try... Liz ''Thanks a bunch for letting me borrow your stamps''

This is sooo different from using distressing inks and paints, but I love it, just need some more practice. In November I'm getting certified so look up for classes. Of course I could not just let the distressing inks sit there and look at me playing, so I used them on the tags =)


  1. Ditt første motiv med copics? Fabelaktig, dette viser at du klarer alt mulig, kortet er nydelig!

  2. Love this!! Is there anything you're not good at!! wow!

  3. du er en multikunster Gine! Denne var supersøt :)


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