March 23, 2009

Flower tutorial

So many of my scrapping friends have asked me how I made the flowers I used on my "Beautiful" LO and "Friend" card, and I have promised you a tutorial.
Yes I know I'm slow sometimes but here it is finally...

Fold your paper and cut your flower petals as shown in picture 1&2. This will give you 6 petals. (Making this flower I only used 5)
Use your edge scraper around the edges and then ink your petals (picture3)
Fold all your petals as shown in picture 4

You now have 5(or 6) petals ready to be sewn together. Punch 3 round punch outs for the middle of the flower. I have (2) 1/2 inch and one 1 inch. use edge scraper and ink on the circles. Also cut some small lines in to the larger punch-out.
Sew the flower petals together overlapping each other barely (picture 7). Sew circles on top . On this one I have also sewn a bead in the middle.

When the flower is all sewn together, use a semi hard brush to paint on any glossy accents on the flower. Use the bristles to push circle punch-outs up and toward the middle. When done painting and while the glossy accents is still wet, push and crumble the flower petals lightly towards the middle.

Let flower dry and it is ready to be used on a page or card =)


  1. Thanks so much for the tutorial...those flowers are so pretty!!! Gonna have to make me some while I still have leftover Graphic 45 I haven't used yet!!!

  2. tusen takk for denne supre forklaringen!
    Disse blomstene er bare sååå lekre :) Gleder meg til å prøve.

  3. Great tutorial, Gine! You are such an inspiration!!!

  4. Tøft, Gine!
    Tusen takk for et lite mini-kurs:)

  5. Tusen takk for at du deler kunnskapen din!!

  6. I love your flowers and thanks for the awesome tutorial!!

  7. Flott tutorial!! Og blomstene ble nydelige!! Jeg må få meg sånn glossy stuff...

    Ville tipse om den nye skissebloggens om er kommet i samem slengen, de har en koselig blogcandy i disse dager siden de er nystartete.

  8. Utrolig nydlige blomster du har laga :D

    Solrun (Tamara)

  9. Oi, så flotte :)

    Takk for forklaring, dette burde jeg prøve meg på!

  10. wonderful tutorial ! thanks for showing !

  11. Åååå super tutorial Gine!!!
    Tuuusen takk for at du deler :)

    Ha en flott helg!

  12. Oj, så flott tutorial,
    virkelig nyttig info her,
    og må prøves ut.
    Du er alltid like inspirerende du Gine,
    tusen takk for at du deler!

    Klem fra Ruby

  13. Wow - så rå flotte disse var Gine!! Fikk jeg lyst til å prøve meg på!! Takk for god beskrivelse.

    God helg til deg og dine:)

  14. Hi Gine,

    Lovely Tutorials and so Stunning gorgeous all the things you make.

    Gonna follow you is that good:)

    With love

  15. Takk for interessant informasjon


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