July 23, 2011

Pictures from Chicago and summer CHA 2011

 Just some of the pictures from Chicago and summer CHA, there is more on facebook and I will post more here another day =)

It was so awesome to finally meet Ingvild Bolme

Fancy Pants

 Our guy Dan from Fancy Pants =)

OK this and more of its kind was lunch.........and I'm still smiling....something is very very wrong here........

Wendy Vecchi

 Jean and I did a great class with Janelle from 7Gypsy

 Making new friends

Kaiser craft

 Brandin is just sooooo sweet


Veronica and me took an Art-C class with Sally Lynn MacDonald

Dinner with Dan at Maria's, an awesome Mexican restaurant


  1. Wow, her var det masse flotte bilder! Takk for at du deler fra CHA! Spennende å se hva som kommer.

    Ønsker deg en fin uke!

  2. Wow - Milk Duds and Wendy Vecchi all in one day! And I know you enjoyed 7 Gypsies booth.

  3. ÅÅhhhh!!!!!!! Ja takk!!!! Her var det myyyye lekkert som gjerne kunne prydet veggene i mitt hjem ja! WOW, for en kreativitet! Også så GØY det ser ut som du har hatt det! *misunnelig*


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