May 22, 2009

FFF's may 22nd

Wohoo... It is Friday again, no alarm clock for 3 days... I LOVE long weekends.
And I'm getting my FFF's done this week, I have not quite been on task here the last couple of weeks. Have just been to busy and very lacy with blogging.

1. Yesterday I started my new job at The Paper Niche. Paper Niche is Scrapbooking, Invitation and Fine Gift Boutique. Every one working there seems very nice.. Love it so far =)
They have a monthly kit and a web store is in the making.
I will be working the store and teaching.

2. My new tool... The corner Chomper from We'R Memory Keepers

Just had to take one of these with me home today... It is an awesome corner rounder that will cut through chipboard, acrylic , thin metal and wood... A HAVE TO HAVE item

3. It was so fun to watch the European Eurovision song contest again. I have not seen this since I moved from Norway... Yes...about 10 minutes in to the show memories of "different" ehhh not so memorable songs came to live, but still there was some really great music to be heard. Of course it was extra fun that the Norwegian son won (see ling in earlier blog entry)

4. I am so happy both my sisters and their families are coming from Norway in the end of June. Both my sisters, their husbands and 3 kids each :lol: We will have a full house for 16 days, but we really enjoy each others company so it will be a lot of fun...
We have not seen each other for almost a year, and we are all very close..It will be awesome spending time with them again

5. So we're cruising again in the middle of June, just before my family is coming over. I decided I need 5-6 LB off before I put on that bating suit.. So there has been a lot of salad eating the last couple of weeks. I am totally hooked on the Kraft Asian Toasted Sesame dressing... It is so yummy.

Have a wonderful weekend every one =)

By the way...
Croppinsville has 25% of everything in the store and FREE shipping this weekend...Tell Allie I sent you... She has an awesome selection and lots of new products.


  1. Oh that dressing sounds so good!! And how exciting for your family to be getting together!! How fun!!

  2. How exciting for you to have your family come for a visit!
    I didn't get a chance to congratulate you on your new job! I am so happy for you..its sounds like a dream job to me :)
    Enjoy your no alarm is a nice break isn't it?
    Take care..

  3. Grats on the job! I am so happy your family is coming again.

    I still need to get a regular Crop-a-dile... maybe the big bite. That corner thing looks fun!

  4. Hei Gine - Gratulerer med ny jobb - i scrappebutikk! Wow!
    Husker første gang jeg gikk på vekten i Seattle - sjokk! Det var lb og ikke kg - stor forskjell!
    Så hyggelig det blir med masse familie på besøk - by the way - du lager også nydelige layouter! :)

  5. I have to check out Paper Niche! Sounds fun. I hope you had a great weekend!


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