April 10, 2009

Fridays favorite fives 50 min. late

Sorry I'm a couple of minutes late, but at least I'm posting this week.
This was an eventful week, and as usual a pretty busy one

The kids have been out of school and I have had a full house almost every day, my house goes from 1 to 7-8 kids in no time, not to many boring moments around here. I enjoy having the kids home, no alarm clock and no homework. Well the week could not go completely smooth of course..more of that in my fives.

MY BIG NO.1 This brave guy who endured 17 stitches after a little fight with the French fries slicer. This could not come at a worse time for him poor guy. He is in the middle of Baseball season and in the middle of Football try-outs for his school team.
No. 2 Is the wonderful Doctor Hernandez and her team at the Children's ER at Memorial West Miramar who got us in and out of the ER in less then 2 hours and that managed to make Sean laugh while she was stitching him up.

NO. 3 It is Easter weekend and even if we don't really will celebrate it this year due to our oldest sons confirmation on Easter Sunday. Look at these CUTE cute Easter chicks from a Norwegian scrapper ToneF Click on her name and take a look at her awesome pages too.

No. 4 some more Easter decorations from another Norwegian scrapper Moia Love her egg and her birdhouse right here http://moias-hobby.blogspot.com/2009/04/paskeegg-og-fuglehus.html

No 5 Have to have something yummy. Did some easy meals this week, and one night we ordered pizza from this place http://www.vocellipizza.com They have one of the best vegetarian Pizza in town. Their Grill Master Veggie Pizza mmmmmmm........

Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend every one =)


  1. Oh goodness Gine...your poor son!! I hope he heals quickly and can still participate in his sports later in the season!! Have a wonderful Easter weekend my friend!!

  2. Oj, Gine, stakkars Sean da, det så skummelt ut, men han er jo tøff da. Håper virkelig han kommer seg fort og får vært med på det han skal denne sesongen.
    Ellers så digger jeg de hønene som Tone har laget, virkelig kule altså.
    Ønsker deg og dine en riktig god påske videre!

  3. Hei Gine!! Stakkars tapre gutten din!! Håper virkelig hånda legews kjapt, og at han ikke går glipp av for mye! Masse god bedring!!

    Høres ut som du har hatt nok å gjøre denne uka (og)! Håper du får noen rolige stunder for deg selv og! :)

    *påskehilsen og klem*

  4. OMG that looks awful! I hope he makes it through that OK and can play his sports! And that pizza looks really good!

    I added you to my blog roll! Can't wait for more updates!

  5. Great fives Gine! Good to see you playing along! Hope his tryouts still went ok! MMMMMMM pizza!

  6. Klemmer til Sean igjen.
    Guuuri det så jeg nå så lik Amanda han er *dånerlitt*

    Påskekyllingene har kost seg hos meg i påsken - nesten litt vemodig å ha tatt de vekk.

    Vel overstått påske og konfirmasjon.

    Ha en strålende dag og uke snuppa.


  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog recently! I loved reading your favs list - that pizza picture is making me hungry, lol! So sorry about your son's stitches - hope he is healing ok!

  8. Awww... that looks like it hurt! I'm sure he'll be braggin about that number of stitches!!

  9. I hope your son is healing quickly! Poor guy!

  10. Ohhh your pooor boy, OMG that must have been soooo awful, hope that he is back to playing Baseball and Football soon.


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