February 27, 2009

Friday's fives

WoW...Friday is here already ...time flies by way to fast...
Here is my picks for this week

My new house... well it is not new, but after a super painting job by Robert Rivera and co it looks like new. Hubby was not to sure about the dark doors, but he's coming around. We also got new outdoor lighting...nice and rustic looking.

Glue DotsThe design team at Scrapbook express is sponsored by Glue dots next month. I just received my package. They where so generous ..LOVE their products and will have some great pages to show of in a couple of days

YES !!! Baseball season has started. I love to watch my kids have fun on the field with any sport. I can be very loud sometimes. They won their first game but lost the game yesterday by one .

Love how I caught the ball and Sean bending not to get hit by it in this picture."Good eye" Sean

OK..I gotten the hots for making flowers out of my scrap papers. Made these yesterday You'll find them on one of my glue dot pages . Made these from som Graphic 45 paper scraps

My last favorite has to be something good to eat.. Got to have one of those every week. Today it is ....... mmmmm...... Breyers vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries......... Yupp... My breakfast this morning :lol:

Happy wonderful weekend everyone !!!!


  1. What a GREAT Breakfast!! :)

    Your house looks so pretty. The colors are perfect!

    I am totally in love with those beautiful flowers!WOW!!!They need to be in one of Wendy's kits!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Okay, so I am totally craving the ice cream and raspberries now. :)

    Your house is gorgeous!!!!
    Thanks for sharing the faves!

  3. Your home looks beautiful! The doors look so close to chocolate you *may* have guests trying to lick them;)
    Those flowers are fabulous, and I am TOTALLY there for breakfast...YUM!

  4. great list!! your house looks AWESOME!!! and I love love love those flowers you made- WOW!!!
    happy weekend :0)

  5. your house is HUGE!!!!!
    have a great weekend Gine :)

  6. Så koselig at du har vært innom bloggen min, tuesn takk.

    blir helt satt ut her, så utrolig lekre bomster du har laga. :)
    Hva har du gjort for at de skal se blanke ut?
    Huset ditt ser lekkert ut og frokosten enda bedre.

    Ha en strålende helg :)

  7. Hot rasberries! Det løs skikkelig godt. Du må dele din skaperglede og holde "kurs" in flowermaking!
    Ha en flott week-end, Gine - sitter her og venter på at det skal bli min tur i stafetten..........!

  8. så fine de blomstrene du har laget:)
    Må bare få sagt at nå har jeg siiiinnssykt lyst på is.. Namm,den så goooo ut.. :D
    (nutrilettshaken min ble plutselig ikke så fristende lengre ) :p

  9. nå fikk jeg ikke lyst på is...neeeeeida....ugh! jeg elsker is, men har sunn uke igjen...(og usunn helg!)
    noe sier meg at det blir smoothie snart, det nærmeste jeg kommer is akkurat nå*
    ha en super kveld/dag! (hvordan er det med tiden borte hos dere??)


  10. The house looks fabulous! I love the dark doors :)
    and your flowers turned out beautiful Gine.
    and my breakfast was several girl scout samoas cookies ;)

  11. Wow your house is really nice! Can I move in? ;) And the weather - I'm full of envy. Here it's snow, and today was probably the first day of early Spring though. Just waiting for the snow to melt and the grass to get green! :)


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