January 25, 2009

I was tagged for a little challenge

So I got this challenge from Nora and Ellemelle

1. Open your photo folder in your PC
2. Get to your 6th folder
3. Find your 6th picture
4. post it in your blog and write about it
5. invite 6 other people to do the same

Link to them to let them know they have been tagged

This is my picture

The picture is taken August 10 2007 and is of my son Sean during a football game. It was a very hot morning with a temperature over 95 in the shade. The players could not do more than 10-12 minutes on the field at a time before they had to be pulled of and cooled down.

OK so I tag these girls for this challenge

Anne Bente







  1. Hey Gine! thanks so much. I will get to the tag as soon as I have a few free mins to blog :)
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Takker for utfordringen, Gine ;)

    Den er herved utført og sendt videre..hehe

  3. Takk for utfordringen, Gine :)

    Den er endelig utført og sendt videre ;) Litt treg pga ferie og influensa ;) hehe


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