November 11, 2008

I'm so proud

Of my sister and the choir she sings in
STAVANGER GOSPEL COMPANY has worked on the CD project IT’S AMAZING for more than a year. The CD is a collaborative project between the choir and top level US gospel artists. The CD contains twelve songs, of which nine have been written by choir members. It has been recorded and mixed both in Norway and the US.

The CD is produced together with the Gospel group "Light of Love", a gospel group from Chicago that have worked with a lot of big artist like TOTO, Bobby McFerrin, George Michael, and most of the big American gospel artists. SGC have had a unique opportunity to create this culture in Norway on this CD . The last year Light of Love have been in Norway 4 times to work with the choir. The CD has 12 songs 9 who is their own and 3 classical gospel songs
The CD will also be released in USA and all over the world. This spring the choir is heading across the Atlantic to give concerts in Chicago.

Listen for your self how great they sound. My sister is the solo artist on no. 10 "Father, Son, The Holy One"


  1. Jeg kan godt forstå du er stolt Gine, hun har jo også en helt vidunderlig stemme, det er bare gode numre der er på den cd

  2. Wow, that's great... congratz to your sister!!

    Love Patricia (TerrorToet on BadGirls)

  3. WOW !!! Congrats to your sister - this is huge!


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