November 16, 2008

AYFL Cheerleading competition

Last Sunday was the AYFL cheerleading competition at . The girls where awesome and did their routine totally flawless...We still don't quite understand that they placed Excellent and did not get Superior even thou other teams with lower scores did. The placement are still being discussed with the AYFL ..But for us they are Superior. No matter what. They have practised so hard the last 5 months.
Their football team Pasadena Panthers 105's won the AYFL Superbowl championship yesterday..Way To Go guys and Way To Cheer them on girls.


  1. skønne billeder, af nogle dygtige piger,kan godt forstå du er eb stolt mor Gune, ha en god dag.

  2. What great pics! Looks like the girls had a great time! My daughter was a cheerleader for quite a long time and I know how these competitions can be! they are Superior in yours and all the other parents eyes! Great scrapbooking pics!!! Have a great Monday!

  3. Kjempeflotte bilder! :) Måtte vise de til vesla mi her, hun syns jo det var så koselig i sommer da dere var innom. :)

    Og så mye flott musikk du har på sidene dine!! Herlig :)


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