January 26, 2008

A challenge from Berit

OK so Berit has challenged me to wright 7 true facts about my self, and pass on the challenge to 7 other friends with bloggs..... You girls should again challenge 7 other friends with blogs to do the same. I am just going to make a little addition to the challenge.
We are all scrappers so "Scrap your list or a page about your list after you post it.... YOU too Berit "

Then I challenge :


I have put links to all theit bloggs in my link list

Here we go...

1. I hate to go shopping (scrapbookstuff NOT included)
2. I'm tired and grumpy in the morning untill my second cup of cofee
3. I love to stay up late and scrap after everyone else is in bed(that is why #2)
4. My scrapbookroom is always a mess... when I cleaned my desk well enough to put down a 12x12 paper I start all over again
5. My favorite snack is a Coka Cola and a bag of cheese puffs
6. I have bought clothes for my kids that match papers I love
7. I hate to do housework, laundery the most... Thank God for older childern that need spending money.


  1. Spennende!! :)

    Liker godt LOene du lager Gine. Skikkelig nydelige.

    Klem fra Beate

  2. jeg modtager din udfordring Gine, kommer tilbage til den snart :)

    ha en rigtig god dag :)

  3. Utfordringen er ferdig :-)
    Ligger på bloggen min :-) Prøvde å scraplifte mom&me til utfordringen ;-)
    Ha en god kveld :-)

  4. Artig utfordring, jobber med saken! :)


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